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NBA This Season

By: Peter Hayward


        If you’re like me then you are very excited for the start of the NBA season as this is my favorite sport to watch. It’s fast-paced and there is always something interesting and engaging happening, especially when you are at a live NBA game. My favorite team is the Boston Celtics, and I believe that this team has a chance at the 2018-2019 NBA championship. They are truly a power house this year with a return of one of their starting players that was acquired in the summer of 2017, Gordon Hayward. The former Utah Jazz player who signed with the Boston Celtics.


        Unfortunately, Hayward’s 2017-2018 season lasted all off five minutes before suffering a season ending injury. After Hayward landed from an alley-oop attempt, he landed awkwardly and broke his left ankle. The crown was in shock that this was happening as the first game started five minutes ago. The Celtics also lost another star, Kyrie Irving, to a knee injury late in the 2017 season leading up to the playoffs.


        Without their best players in the rotation, the Celtics now had a little chance of making it far in the playoffs. This team was build on toughness and they were able to reach the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they fell to them in game seven at home.


        I honestly think that this year in 2018 they have the potential to make it to the NBA finals and bring a championship back to Boston. With the entire roster healthy, this goal is obtainable and would be very exciting to watch. The Celtics first win over the Philadelphia 76ers shows just how good of a team they can be, because Hayward and Irving had a combined 6/26 shooting from the field.


        The second year Celtics player, Jayson Tatum, had a terrific first opening night. Scoring 23 points while playing for 29 minutes. He is definitely one of the best players on the team and he truly showed a piece of his potential during this game. I honestly think that Tatum should’ve won Rookie of the Year last season, but unfortunately he lost it to Ben Simmons.


        I am very excited to see what the Celtics can do this season and I cannot wait to see that 2018-2019 title in the Garden.

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