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An Interview with New CHS Math Teacher Mr. Maislen

What made you decide to become a teacher?

“When I went back to college, I was taking a calculus class and I was working with a friend and I was better at calculus then she was. I just had more math background, and it ended up with us working together and me helping her a lot and we both ended up getting A’s in the class. It made me feel good [helping] someone get a good grade. I’d never thought I’d be a math teacher in a million years.That gave me the idea like, ‘Oh! Maybe teaching would be good.’ I had a really hard time when I was in high school, so that’s how I chose to work with high school kids. I thought that it was the best age group for me to be working with.”


Why did you apply to Canton High?  

“When I worked last year, there was someone I worked with that used to work here, and she had good things to say about Canton and I’m from the Boston area so I knew I wanted to stay local. When I applied here, I was pretty selective of where I was applying and when I actually did the interview, the way that they answered the questions that I asked made me really excited to be a part of Canton. I actually canceled all my other interviews and just decided to come here.”

Now that you’re here, how do you feel about the school and your career?

“I like it a lot. I definitely [think] I chose the right career. I’m happy to come to work each day, which is really important to me. When I was younger, I thought that I wanted to chase the ‘high paying’ job, and I realized that my happiness is more important than any of that and I’m really happy here.”


By Kiyana Santiago

If you could start life over, what would you do differently and why?

“I think this was the most interesting question that was on the sheet, but to be honest I wouldn't change anything. I’ve had a really interesting past. I’ve gotten to do things that other people haven't been able to do, I’ve gotten to travel a lot and just have a lot of different life experiences both positive and negative that shaped me into who I am. I think that [I] wouldn't change anything. I have an amazing wife and a kid and it's like, you know, things that I never thought that would have happened, so it’s good. I’m really happy.”


What’s your favorite sports team?

“My favorite sports team is the Patriots, by far.”


Where did you go to college?

“So the first time I went after high school was University of Colorado Boulder, and then I left after a little bit and took some time off and worked/traveled, did different things, and then when I went back to school I went to UMass Boston, and that's where I graduated from.”

Dogs or Cats?

“Dogs. I have a Pug Miniature Pinscher, and I’m way more allergic to cats than dogs.”

Apple or Android?

“Apple, but they're doing things that make me not like them so we'll see how long that lasts. Right now, it’s Apple but I don't know, they’re doing some silly stuff.”

Why did you chose the name Brady Ford?

“My wife suggested the name Brady. She was the one that suggested it, knowing that I would say yes, obviously, just because it’s an awesome name. So that was kind of her doing, knowing that I would say yes. And Ford, my parents were divorced when I was very young, and my mom dated a guy for the majority of my childhood and he passed away like three or four years ago and his last name was Ford. So this was like to honor his memory.”


How do you feel about being a dad?

“I like it. It’s a lot of work, even though the baby is really small, and I think that as he gets like a little bit older it’s going to be [that] I can do a lot more so it’s pretty crazy. Like first year of teaching, first kid, like a lot of new things in life. But I love it, it’s nice, it’s like really awesome to go home and to just grab him and seeing him after work.”  

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