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Now We’re (Les) Miserable













       “Les Mis taught me about what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself, and being in this show was such an incredible experience that I would do all over again if I could.” ~ sophomore Laura Emde


        The standing ovations every night. The echoes of clapping; the sniffles of sobbing. The lights dimming for the last time on the already-nostalgic cast; the crew taking down the set.

        As drama club’s yearly musical production has come and gone, the cast and crew appear simultaneously full of pride and saddened by the end of another production. Drifting away from the usual feel-good, make-the-audience-smile musicals of the past, Les Miserables hit Canton’s audience in different ways.

        The tragic story of love and death left the audience wrecked with emotion, and whispers of “Wow.” “What an amazing show.” and “I just keep crying!” could be heard amidst the long lasting claps.

        One of, if not the most, challenging musicals she has ever put on at CHS, director Mrs. Brobst explained to the public in the playbill that “I have been consistently in awe at how every single student involved has taken on this epic production with the highest level of respect, professionalism, and dedication… We were all brought to tears at different points in the rehearsal process when it hit us how powerful and poignant this show really is.”


        As the cast completed their final performance and bowed with tears in their eyes, it hit that this musical was more than just a high school show. It brought deep connections and friendships, and created a little corner of happiness and content within each and every student.

Theatre is meant to make people feel and experience raw emotion; Les Miserables’ powerful story demonstrated this, and the importance of the arts, boldly.


         “Les Mis has made me realize that if you work hard with anything, you can accomplish it!”

          ~ senior Hannah Rue

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