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A New Club for Aspiring Feminists

By Lydia Prendergast

        Feminist club was created at CHS to raise awareness as to what feminism is and how we can reinvent the meaning and purpose. Meetings are twice a month on Fridays, usually in Mrs. Iacobucci’s room (407) and the heads of the club are Coco Stevens, Jenna Larson, Leah McDonnell, and myself, Lydia Prendergast. Our main focus is to spread the importance of equality for everyone, learn what feminism really is, and to share information on something that, especially in this day and age, is truly relevant.


        Six out of ten women and one-third of men call themselves feminists, with seven out of ten saying the movement is empowering. Yet over four in ten Americans see the movement as angry, and some say it unfairly blames men for women's challenges. Why is this? For starters, many people have either little to no education on feminism, refuse to support the beliefs, or acquire a negative connotation due to incorrect statements they may have heard. At its simplest definition, feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality.


        Many people assume that feminists “hate men” or are “just complaining”, but that is far from the truth. Although there are radical, and sometimes violent, women who are given the name of “feminist” because of their behavior, feminism and feminists hold values that are on the opposite side of the spectrum. The core belief behind the movement is that men and women should be equal. As of right now, that is far from true in many areas around the world, and although the USA is improving, we still have a far way to go..


        If you have any questions talk to any of the heads or Mrs. Iacobucci! We hope to see you all at our next meeting!

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