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National Anthem

By Spencer Owens

Initially it was Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem, soon after president Donald Trump came into office. After that, championship team players protested the president because of his rhetoric. In recent news Donald Trump uninvited the Golden State Warriors to the White House because of the delay and controversy they were causing, so after he gave a speech in Alabama and called Colin Kaepernick and others who kneel or protest during the anthem a “Son of a b****”, and that NFL owners should fire those who protest the anthem. Because of this whole controversy, there has been a split in American society. One side is saying that they should respect the flag and those who serve and fight for it, which is completely correct and that we should always respect the men in arms that protect our democracy. But, the other side is not protesting the flag, they are not protesting the men and women who fight for us. They are protesting to raise awareness on police brutality, racial inequality, and safety in America. In my opinion those players kneeling and locking arms during last weekends NFL games was a show of strength and unity. The protest is a perfect example of what that flag has given us. It gives us a voice to speak up when we feel there is an injustice in the world. Those NFL players used their platform as a spotlight for the cause that they believe in, and I'll gladly support that, and I'll always respect the military, police, and all of our service members that make it possible to protect our first amendment. This issue should be talked about, and now that Donald Trump made it headlining news it will be, for a long time coming.

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