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The Crucible a Success

By Abby Martin and Kitana Le-Garcia

This fall, the drama club performed Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and it was a wonderful success! This creepy fall play shared the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials, and the conflicts those who were involved faced. It followed John Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, as they are accused as witches by young girls who were caught conjuring witches, initiating the trials. The accused faced the moral dilemma of telling the truth or saving their life- very reflective of the reality of the actual Witch Trials. Both the cast and crew members did an amazing job portraying the story and communicated the intense fear that Salem was under during this dark period of history both through their acting and the sets.

 For the performance, the stage was set up with gallows throughout the stage. A tech crew member stated, “I’m really excited to show the audience the gallows. I feel like out of the set pieces that it is way more far out there.” During the production, the gallows were transformed to represent the inside of houses and courtrooms, allowing for a very creative setting.  

Additionally, between scenes, creepy music was played to strengthen the intense atmosphere of the story. When we talked to the head of sound and tech they said, “We have to act really fast because you have to be paying attention and watching the board and be listening if you are doing sound cues. You have to be following along with the scripts and all the time people their lines.” The sounds throughout the play added to the creepiness the play possessed. 

Throughout the performance, the vibrant array of costumes was a strong reminder of the time period of the play. The women were all dressed in beautiful long dresses in all different colors and the caps were different styles depending on who wore it. The men all were dressed in styles typical of the time period in a wide range of colors. Every costume was unique and looked spectacular on stage. When we talked to the costume crew head, they said, “they’re just really nice and we put a lot of effort into all the ones that were made. We try to make everything perfect.” From the audience, you could tell the attention to detail when it came to the creation of the costumes. Though they were all different, the colors and styles all worked together to create a masterpiece on stage that added to the wonder of the play. 

The fall play was a major success! The creative ways the actors and crew were able to convey such an important and meaningful story was very impressive, and it included vibrant costumes, beautiful sets, and interesting music that made the play so much more interesting to enjoy. They also want to encourage others to try drama saying, “It’s a lot of fun and I like to have a lot of fun. It’s a family vibe and you find a lot of friends here.” “Join the club. DO IT. Join it. We’re fun. We’re happy. '' All in all, the drama club’s hard work and effort resulted in an amazing play and that showed the creative talent here at Canton High School!

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