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Fear the Flu

By: Lydia Prendergast 

This year’s flu season, although just beginning, has already had deadly effects. So far this season, 53 children have died and 42 states have reported high levels of activity.

      The flu is a virus, and there are three different strains circulating this year. The flu vaccine is meant to fight against H3N2, H1N1 and influenza B. But, the most common virus this year is H3N2, which typically shows more cases, hospitalizations, and death compared to the other branches. Because of this, 2018’s flu shot has been found to be less than 20% effective.


      This virus is sweeping across the nation. In New Jersey alone, more than 7,300 cases of the flu have shown up. Multiple schools have had to close down due to the number of flu victims. In some areas, 144 students have stayed home from school during one time period due to the virus.

       People with Vitamin D deficiency, along with a number of other health issues, are more susceptible to the flu this year. Parents have become concerned for their children’s health as numbers continue rise.


      Is there any way to protect oneself from this deadly virus? Other than washing your hands there is not much else in your control. Many have pondered over if the flu shot is still worth getting, because of its extremely low success rate. Although it may not do much, doctors are recommending citizens still try to protect themselves and stay safe from this all time high epidemic of 2018.

From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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