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Burritos and Business Math with Andrew

By Ben Wright

Our interview takes place in the room next to our normal class. It is a very colorful room. It reminded me of elementary school. We got started right away after I pressed the record on the recorder. We started off by talking about the people and pets in his family. He said that has three brothers, two older ones Matt and Nick, and one younger one Brian. He also has three dogs Sam, Tupac, and Barrot. After we got some basic information we got into the question part of the interview.


Q: Did you play any sports when you were younger?

A: I played baseball and basketball but never really pursued them because I am not too competitive and wouldn’t really want to stick to a schedule such as practices almost every day.


Q: What was your mindset on when you were younger when you said that you weren't really too competitive?

A: When I was younger nothing really pulled me in I wasn’t really interested in just one thing.


Q: One of the times that you left the state you went to Florida, what did you do there?

A: We went to Florida for vacation on my fourth birthday so I don’t remember that much but the one thing that I do remember is that I got strep throat.


Q: You said that you like almost all animals. Which one would you choose to have as a pet?

A: I would want to have a really exotic animal like a panda bear because I find them very cool.


Q: You also said that you like to skateboard?

A: Over quarantine, I was really bored and my friend got me into it and he has taught me almost everything that I know about skateboarding.

Q: Some of the electives that you do are Political Science and Business Math?

A: In Political Science I learn how the government is built and why and for Business Math I think that it will be the most helpful in real life because I am learning about calculating wages, fees, and how to do taxes.


Q: You work at Chipotle, why did you choose there and did you apply for any other companies?

A: I first reached out to Target because I have some friends that work there but Target was taking a very long time to respond so I chose Chipotle because my brother worked there and they pay well. They gave me an interview on the spot when I walked in and asked for one.


Q: What is physiology and why are you interested in it as a future career?

A: I’ve always been interested in that stuff and how to human brain works


When I got home that day and listened to the interview one of the things that stood out to me was how open he was. Every subject was not a one-word or sentence answer I usually got a three to four-sentence answer on every subject. Showing that he is not passionate about one thing he is passionate about multiple subjects. It seems like it has been that way his whole life because when he was younger he said that nothing really pulled him in. While Andrew is a senior in high school he doesn’t come across that way to me. He comes across as someone who has many interests and is very open.

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