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A Night to Remember: Laufey at the Wang Theatre 

As the lights dim, the opening song by the Wasia Project fills the charming Wang Theater, the audience entranced by the nigh otherworldly tune. After introducing themselves, they continue their set, completed by lead singer Olivia Hardy’s passionate singing and her brother William Gao’s soulful piano playing. When they finish their set, the audience cheers for them, and the theater speakers play a jazzy interlude while waiting for the main act, Laufey.

The screams and cheers are almost deafening as Laufey runs on stage, the introduction for her beloved song, While You Were Sleeping, playing as she does. As she finishes the song, the enchanting orchestra prepares themselves to play for the next few songs, the pluck of violins, basses, and such accompanying Laufey's low and ethereal voice which fills the theater and ears of every listener. Truly, her songs have a different charm to them when they are heard in person as opposed to the recording. Somehow, it feels as though they are more profound, and they touch your heart as Laufey pours her emotion into each song, as intimate as witnessing the true beauty of the night sky on a long drive away from the city.

Especially as she plays her recent release, Goddess, I, along with the other listeners as I am sure, feel the depths of her pain, everything that went into the creation of this stunning song, intensified only by the lighting of the theater, which continues to get brighter as Laufey’s voice grows stronger and she reaches the song’s cathartic bridge before waning into a dimmer blue that washes over the hall’s line of antique statues. She continues to play her most recent songs, which include Bored and Promise, as well as some of her most iconic ones like Valentine and Falling Behind, to which many fans in the theater sing along.

Soon after, Laufey shares her experience as a student in Boston who never thought she would be standing on stage at the Wang Theater while introducing her next song. And when she takes the mic to sing From the Start, a more popular song, the audience screams as her infamous twin sister, Junia, runs on stage and twirls her around. As everyone quiets down, Junia takes her violin and plays a segment of the song, a bright melody that lights up the dark hall. After the song, the two leave the stage, although the show is still not over.

When Laufey returns, she straps on her guitar, giving her segway into the next song as she states that she didn’t think she’d ever be standing on a stage of the same magnitude as that of the Wang Theater, especially someone who looked like her, who she said was starkly different from everyone else. Perhaps her most tear-jerking song, she played Letter To My 13 Year Old Self, which felt like a warm hug bottled up in a song, heartfelt and an encouragement to Laufey’s listeners that everything would turn out wonderfully despite what we all go through.

However, she presents one more song, one inspired by Boston and her time living here, Street by Street. She revealed that she felt that traveling to New York and away from Boston made her realize that she couldn’t have her perception of Boston forever ruined by a single man, so she resolved to take back ‘her city.’ By singing this song, and in the Wang Theater at that, Laufey truly took back Boston, street by street, step by step.

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