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Spring Music Roundup
Aaron Scibelli

As the leaves bud and flowers bloom, feel-good music is in the air for some. Upbeat and breezy is a common theme for Spring. On the other hand, some prefer what I would call a “sad girl Spring”; either way, I have a variety of recommendations to set the vibe right this Spring.


eternal sunshine - Ariana Grande (album)

With a title inspired by film classic “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, Grande’s long-awaited fifth album has it all. Tracks “bye” and “supernatural” are carefree bops perfect for a sunny afternoon, while chart-topper “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)” will tug at the heartstrings. Either way, any track will be sure to please your ears.


Espresso - Sabrina Carpenter (song)

Dropping ahead of her debut Coachella set, this upbeat single is a perfect pick-me-up. With lyrics like “Too bad your ex don’t do it for ya / Walked in and dream came trued it for ya”, it’s impossible to not smile while listening to Carpenter’s infectious vocals.


Older - Lizzy McAlpine (album)

Following social media virality in 2023, McAlpine’s third studio album is one for the true fans. A return to form, Older trades in the cinematic production of her second album Five Seconds Flat for mellow melodies and lyric-forward production, such as in “Drunk, Running”. However, McAlpine’s signature theatrical quality is not lost entirely; “Broken Glass” is an undeniable standout with a stellar buildup into a bridge which can only be described as bombastic. While it’s not for everyone, Older is an album which lends itself perfectly to rainy Spring days.


Good Luck, Babe! - Chappell Roan (song)


Chappell Roan’s catalogue is situationship-galore, and this song is no exception. Debuting as the beginning of a new era for the Olivia Rodrigo opening act, Roan’s stellar vocals shine on the lamentful queer anthem, which you can cry to, dance to, or frankly do both!


COWBOY CARTER - Beyoncé (album)


Act II of a three-act trilogy from the famed vocal powerhouse, Beyoncé’s venture into country is a refreshing change-up in this Spring’s catalogue. Cowboy Carter, with its country influence, is however, not explicitly a country album — it’s a Beyoncé album. This signature flair comes through on “II HANDS II HEAVEN  and “TYRANT”, while singles “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” and “16 CARRIAGES” will provide a delightfully twangy flair to your Spring playlists.


HIT ME HARD AND SOFT - Billie Eilish (album)

After a successful sophomore album with Happier Than Ever, Eilish’s third outing is more concise than her first two, standing at just ten tracks. While this could seem like a downside, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT ebbs and flows as a whole, a singular unit fit for repeat listens. This cohesion is exceptionally present between “BITTERSUITE” and “BLUE”, while “LUNCH” and “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” showcase a bubblier side of Eilish, a respite from the darkness of her earlier works.

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