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Summer Tips

With the end of school approaching so soon, most students feel overjoyed for the reprieve from an overall challenging school year. Regardless, some might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of free time, so here are some tips to combat summer boredom.


For students looking for activities with a consistent schedule and structure, volunteering is a wonderful one that fulfills those requirements. Especially since 80 hours is the graduation requirement for students to be able to participate in their graduation ceremony, this summer is a great time to get a head start on doing so! However, for students who are already 16 years old and qualify for a job, getting a summer job is a good way to build the soft skills that are important no matter what career path they choose. For those who want to volunteer or are looking for a summer job but don’t know where to start, the amazing Mr. Amico at the career center is the man to approach. 


But perhaps some students simply want to enjoy their summer without the stress of summer work or jobs, which is completely understandable. In that case, here are some tips for that too! Healthwise, everyone should take care to stay cool, hydrate, and use sunscreen, especially as the past few weeks have seen temperatures on the hotter side. In terms of local activities, the Canton Farmers Market opens up again on June 16 and lasts until October 20 of this year. Those who want to support local businesses, want to buy fresh produce, or both can visit on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.


Now for some other activities to do with friends, I would undoubtedly suggest having a picnic because they’re a great way to spend time with loved ones and get some fresh air, not to mention that Canton has some nice spots to have one. If you’re looking to get out of Canton, though, I would recommend going to the beach, especially since you’d be hard-pressed to get some quality beach time in the cold Massachusetts winter. To take it further, if you’d like to go out of state but still stay relatively close, Rhode Island and Maine have lovely beaches. And if you’re going that far, you might want to go stargazing as well, which is hard to do with all the light pollution in Boston. 


Despite all its excitement, summer can sometimes loom over us and leave us in its dark shadow of endless free time, but with these tips, hopefully, you can have the best summer possible and enjoy your high school years, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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